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Khanate: To Be Cruel

Beautifully discordant and maliciously heavy, a hateful smear of pain, regret and disgust. Uncomfortable spaces in the dark, the giggling hell of the psychopath's whisper while being bricked skinless into a wall. Like laying in your own putrid evisceration in the wreckage of a car wreck awaiting death on the loneliest road on Earth.


Dhyana: Shikantaza

A powerful meditative instrumental that draws heavily from the metronomic haze of Sleep. Dreamlike riffs repeating in endless exaltation into an abyss that somehow seems like a pool of hope. 


Brat: Social Grace

Rifftastic death grind excellence from some kids down in NOLA. Nothing necessarily really new here but great hooks, breakdowns, you name it. Im a fan. First thing to put on with a coffee and get in the right mood for the day.


-- Seldon Hunt