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Brown Acid: Gimme Metal Vinyl Club Edition


In 2015, the world was introduced to Brown Acid: The First Trip. Fast forward to 4/20/2024, there have been eighteen trips, each one a wild ride through the best of '60s and '70s heavy rock. As the founder of Gimme Metal, I took on the daunting task of distilling the essence of this series into a single LP. The result? Eleven killer tracks for this month’s vinyl of the month.

With so many monster tracks in the Brown Acid series, narrowing it down to eleven favorites wasn’t easy. Over 10 hours of amazing heaviness, some acid rock, a few psychedelic masterpieces, and the early proto punk and metal gems…the challenge was finding the tracks that would most likely resonate with the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club members.  I really hope you enjoy what I selected.



The Brown Acid compilations have become the gold standard for rare early heavy rock, capturing the same intensity as the legendary Back From The Grave series did for '60s garage rock, Killed By Death did for underground punk and The Nuggets comp did for resurfacing some otherwise forgotten amazing bands (like the Electric Prunes, The Chocolate Watchband). Many bands featured here evolved from the garage explosion, veering through psychedelia before landing in the gritty reality that the Brown Acid sound celebrates. The recordings are raw and untainted by slick production. These bands, though living in a harsh post-'60s comedown, the aftermath of Altamont and end of free love, were clearly having a blast and ready to jump start the next generation of rock. Fueled by LSD, weed, Budweiser, and the sounds of Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds, the dirtier side of the Stones, Blue Cheer, and Black Sabbath (lots of Sabbath) they played in ballrooms and dive bars from Cleveland to Austin creating their own brand of proto-hard rock. I imagine some of these bands enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame – getting an opening slot for the James Gang or having a regional hit on the local rock stations - but now, thanks to *Brown Acid*, these bands have been entered into the canon of rock history and will be remembered forever.   Take a listen, you will not regret it.

JOSEFUS were quintessential Texas rockers from Houston, evolving from garage roots to underground hard psychedelic rock alongside legends like the Moving Sidewalks and The 13th Floor Elevators. Their pioneering 1970 LP Dead Man is a proto-metal classic. Though a less successful LP was issued by Mainstream Records the same year, they returned to form with Hard Luck in 1979 on Hookah Records. The track boasts Malcolm Young-esque chord patterns, a cool attitude in the vocals and lyrics, and a terrific extended guitar break.

ASH emerged from Melbourne's hard rock scene as the '60s turned into the '70s. Their mega-rare single Midnight Witch was released in New Zealand in 1970. This track bridges psychedelic hard rock and early progressive underground heavy rock, echoing early Black Sabbath. Criston Barker's vocal style, reminiscent of '60s UK bands, adds to the classic 'girl messing up my mind' lyrical theme.

FLASH BEVERAGE delivers a mid-tempo ZZ Top-style groove with Train. With Gibbons-like blues licks and gruff vocals, this stripped-down southern rock track offers a brief but memorable journey.

STONE GARDEN from Lewiston, Idaho, began as a '60s garage band before evolving into psychedelic hard rock, releasing Oceans Inside Me. This jaw-dropping track from their rare 45 captures the moment when psychedelic rock got harder, blending angular riffs and searing guitar leads.

FLIGHT rocks like a demented hybrid of Bachman Turner Overdrive and Lynyrd Skynyrd on Lovin', Huggin' & More. The crude production and raw authenticity make this 1974 track a smart bonehead rock genius.

BLIZZARD's Peace Of Mind is a paradoxically intense track with gnarly guitar leads and rhythms reminiscent of early Blue Cheer. Recorded in Oklahoma City in 1974, this high school band's mega-rare 45 is a gem of raw, unrestrained rock.

RALPH WILLIAMS AND THE WRIGHT BROTHERS bring a clever twist with Never Again, blending heavy fuzz riffs with '50s rock 'n' roll elements. This 1972 track from Yreka, CA, captures undiluted garage energy in a raw, heavy format.

TRANSFER from Duluth, Minnesota, in 1974, offers a flashback to '60s surf and frat rock with Play It Cool. This primal track enhances the compilation with a unique earlier vibe.

TRUTH & JANEY's heavy rock arrangement of Under My Thumb from 1972 adds attitude and smoking guitar breaks to the classic Stones song, appealing to both garage and hard rock fans.

THE SEEDS' while the masses drank from the well known as the Doors the radical stuff was happening with the Seed (and Love).  This atypical heavy rock track Shuckin' And Jiving from 1972, is sung not by Sky Saxon but by guitarist Richard Barcelona(though if you are lucky enough to find this rare 7” is Sky Saxon does appear on the B-side).

PEGASUS ends the trip with Ready To Rave, a raw, trashy track from Baltimore, Maryland, in 1972. These underage high school kids deliver a killer classic rock intro and lyrics with wild energy, making clear they were chomping at the bit to cut loose.


-- Tyler Lenane