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Ghosts of Metal Past: April




Big & notable 1970 releases!


Judas Priest - SIN AFTER SIN (8 April 1977) - Get it here

Their third LP, drawing its title from the lyric "sin after sin" from the song "Genocide" of their previous album, SAD WINGS OF DESTINY.


Nazareth - HAIR OF THE DOG (3 April 1975)

HAIR OF THE DOG is Nazareth’s sixth album, containing the first big hit that gained them international recognition and notoriety.


Big & notable 1980 releases!


Saxon - WHEELS OF STEEL (April 3rd 1980)

Dubbed a "qualified classic" and "one of really two or three of [NWOBHM's] building blocks;" by Canadian music journalist Martin Popoff, it is still one of the most well known and beloved heavy metal albums.


Exodus - BONDED BY BLOOD (April 25th 1985) - Get it here

Fun fact, "Impaler" (released in their 2004 album TEMPO OF THE DAMNED) was to originally be featured on BONDED BY BLOOD, but it was abandoned when Kirk Hammett took the main riff to Metallica to use on "Trapped Under Ice."

Voivod - KILLING TECHNOLOGY (April 2nd 1987)

This was the first Voivod record to combine progressive elements in the band's thrash metal style, solidifying their future signature sound.


Testament - THE LEGACY (April 21st 1987)

Testament’s debut album! Did you know they were actually called Legacy until just a month prior to the record’s release? Fun fact.. Testament’s friend Billy Milano (yes, of S.O.D. & M.O.D.) was the one to suggest the name Testament.


Iron Maiden - SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON (April 11th 1988)

SEVENTH SON, one of Maiden’s most distinctive records, debuted at #1 on the official UK charts! Even though the synth effects were created by keyboards, they didn’t hire a keyboard player until after this album. According to Bruce [Dickinson], "mainly one-finger stuff from Adrian, Steve, the engineer or whoever had a finger free at the time."


Sepultura - BENEATH THE REMAINS (April 7th 1989)

Did you know Sepultura were originally supposed to use different Michael Whelan cover art for “Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre,” but Roadrunner Records convinced them to use “Nightmare in Red’, instead. A year later, the original artwork was used by another Roadrunner record… you guessed it, Obituary’s CAUSE OF DEATH.


Annihilator - ALICE IN HELL (April 17th 1989) - Get it here

Annihilator’s first & arguably best record, finding a place on almost every “underrated thrash records” list to this day. According to Jeff Waters, the album title is a play on “Alice In Wonderland” despite the main character being Alison Hell. The song is based on a true story as well. Waters said, "There was a girl named Alison that had fears of the boogie man, monsters under the bed, [ . . . ] the fear built and built until she actually lost it." 



Big & notable 1990 releases!


Malevolent Creation - THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (April 8th 1991)

Although originally from New York, they relocated to Florida immediately after their first demo, eventually getting signed to Roadrunner & having their debut produced by the legendary Scott Burns.


Heathen - VICTIMS OF DECEPTION (April 12th 1991)

VICTIMS OF DECEPTION was Heathen’s second album, showcasing a much more progressive sound than their straightforward thrash debut. This was also the last record they released before going on hiatus in 1993.


Cannibal Corpse - THE BLEEDING (April 12th 1994)

In  true Cannibal Corpse fashion, there were multiple cover artwork variations for THE BLEEDING in 2004, when they reissued the album with an uncensored cover, we found out that the original 1994 cover art was just a close-up of the skinless, bloody man’s chest pictured on the uncensored one.


Septicflesh - OPHIDIAN WHEEL (April 7th 1997)

Although drums on multiple early Septicflesh records are credited to “Kostas,” they were actually programmed!



Big & notable 2000 releases!



Decapitated - WINDS OF CREATION (April 17th 2000)

The debut from these Polish death metallers, who were all notably aged 18 and younger during the recording of the record.


In Flames - A SENSE OF PURPOSE (1 April 2008)

Fun fact: A SENSE OF PURPOSE is the first studio album since CLAYMAN to feature the band's icon, the "Jester Head," on the cover art.


Powerwolf - BIBLE OF THE BEAST (24 April 2009)

Powerwolf’s third studio album, and the first to place them in the German charts & mainstream spotlight!



Big & notable 2010s releases!


Ghost - INFESTISSUMAM (April 10th 2013)

The album name, INFESTISSUMAM, is derived from Latin, and is used by the band as "the most hostile" or "the biggest threat" in reference to the Antichrist.


Autopsy - TOURNIQUETS, HACKSAWS AND GRAVES (April 21st 2014)

[Autopsy] said in reference to the album, "Tourniquets tighten... hacksaws rip... graves are filled...This is Autopsy, this is death metal.” Sick!!




This month we celebrate the birthdays of:

Phil Demmel, born April 2, 1967

Udo Dirkschneider born April 6, 1952

Alexi Laiho, born April 8, 1979 (RIP)

Ace Frehley, born April 27, 1951