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Top 5 Best '80s Rock Records!

#5 Ozzy Osbourne - THE ULTIMATE SIN


Ozzy's fourth studio album effort came with some incredibly heaving tracks and mind-melting guitar work courtesy of Jake E. Lee. Released in January, 1986, a few notable tracks include the album's title track, "Secret Loser," and "Never Know Why". Plus, the album artwork is just BADASS!

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This record needs no introduction! From the iconic "Fade to Black" (with masterful guitar solos and haromines courtesy of Mr. Hammet), to "For Whom The Bell Tolls," this record isn't just one of Metallica's best, but one of the best albums to come out of the '80!

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A personal favorite, Ratt features the immensly unique vocals of Stephen Pearcy, and the wizard guitar work of Warren DeMartini. Their first album came out with a bang in 1984, going on to sell millions of copies. From the gigantic opening track "Wanted Man" to the legendary "Round and Round," this album is front to back bangers!

#2 Motley Crue - DR. FEELGOOD


Just before the end of the '80s, the Crue cleaned up their act, and produced one of their best albums, DR. FEELGOOD. Motley's fifth studio album is everything... sleaze rock, blues, metal, ballads. The title track is heavy as can be, "Kickstart My Heart" is used across countless sports stadiums including the NFL, and "Without You" is one of THE best power ballads of the '80s! All in all, killer album.

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Coming in at number one, this album is across the board hailed as the best album to come out of the '80s. Before releasing their incredible first studio album, Slash, Axl, and the rest of the Guns were Hollywood bad boys, playing different small clubs around L.A. Once they came together to put together APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, they would soon take over the world (albeit, not for long, until their reunion in 2016). This album has songs that almost anyone can recognize, from "Welcome to the Jungle" to "Sweet Child of Mine". Without a doubt, number one!

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Did we miss any? 

-- Avi Serfaty