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Metal for metalheads by metalheads.


Unlike like the big names that have their hands in every pot, we pour our heart and souls in to metal. From its early beginnings to new underground sounds, there is a whole metal world worth sharing. Our tight connection to the artists and labels has unlocked exclusive access for our community to enjoy.


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Only the world's strongest metal community. Since 2017, Gimme Metal has brought together artists, the brigade (our members), and metal tastemakers.

The shop is a great place to grow your collection and put real dollars in the artists' pockets, but the experience doesn't end at checkout.

Our global community joins together 24/7 on social media to discuss our love for metal.

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Founded in 2017 by industry leaders seeking to create a stronger connection for artists and fans unlike any other, Gimme Metal came into existence.

Now driven by a team of artists, musicians, and music superfans, we aim to create a single space where artists share and monetize their work and fans receive better content curation and create real connections.