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GMVC August: Ghoul's Splatterthrash


Hailing from the land of Creepsylvania (fine, they’re actually from Oakland, California), the maniacs from Ghoul have been ripping & shredding the scene for over 20 years now. They’ve got a knack for storytelling, dark humor and all things nasty, gory and gruesome. And that right there is the winning combo for me; it’s like Exhumed and GWAR had a thrasher lovechild.

Released in 2006, “Splatterthrash” is Ghoul’s third and best known offering, in which every track is basically a mini horror flick, featuring hammer riffs and insane obscure lyrics. Unlike their first two LPs, this one is primarily rooted in thrash metal and very obviously missing the grind sound, but not the speed and brutality. Ghoul’s ability to incorporate elements of death metal and crossover punk gives the album a distinctive flavor. They are fast, furious, and dripping with gory imagery. The 4-minute long “Into the Catacombs” intro thrusts you into Ghoul's grotesque world with frenetic guitar riffs, rapid-fire drumming, and morbid atmosphere. Things quickly get heavy with “As Your Casket Closes” and from there on, there is no escape from the metal thrashing madness. Cremator and Digestor’s vocal interplay adds an extra layer of mayhem, alternating between monstrous roars and fiendish cackles that enhance the album’s theatrical vibe, Dissector’s delivering solos and riffs that are both technically impressive and catchier than a virus in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and Fermentor’s drumming is bound to ignite mosh pits and headbanging frenzies all around. This is metal at its most manic, macabre, and magnificently fun.

If that’s not enough, Splatterthrash is a concept album too (spoilers ahead!) - it tells the story of a nasty cult attacking Ghoul & trying to steal the crystal skull. They win but the cult later comes back with Killbot & overtake Creepsylvania, turning it into a Christian dictatorship and leaving Ghoul hungry for revenge.

Ghoul has created a cult classic that every self-respecting metalhead needs in their collection. So crank up the volume, brace yourself for the onslaught, and let Ghoul take you on a delightfully deranged journey through the realms of "Splatterthrash". Sign up for the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club now & get it on an Exclusive Crimson Carnage variant.


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